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Benefit from robust returns on your cash

For a decade, we’ve specialized in currency markets, a distinct focus that enables us to generate value while staying away from markets and financial bubbles linked to political, social, and macroeconomic events.

Our approach is directly related to mitigating the crisis risks that Western economies regularly experience, which are increasingly severe.

Our performance engine delivers outstanding yields with minimal market fluctuations.

This is made possible by weak signal detection methods; risk mitigation strategies and agile performance management, which collectively contribute to a growing positive impact over a one-year investment period.

How does it work?

With an one-year investment timeframe quick access to your capital when required, our fund combines qualities that are usually opposed in most investment funds: liquidity, profitability and transparency.

This is achievable because our investment is centered on the currencies of major OECD countries.

Our fund is exclusively currency-based and does not include any shares, ETFs, government bonds or debts, and absolutely no cryptocurrencies or other underlying assets that are not in currencies

Your guarantee: 100% currency underlying is statutory and prohibits managers from any other forms of investment.



You are investing in units of the Phocus 1 SCS fund from Luxembourg

AIFM for Alternative Investments Fund Manager
• You buy units.
• The Net Asset Value (NAV) determines the number of subscribed units based on the invested amount.
• Investment starts from €125,000.00 in accordance with regulations.


Zero entry fees / zero management fees / zero exit fees

Only performance-based compensation is applied in tiers and exclusively on the profits made.


Investment clarity

Access metrics through your Phocus1 investor portal: current performance, gain ratio…
Personal space allows you to view and manage the number and value of your units: register and view our performance here.


Your money is always available when you need it

12-month term liquidity account.
Early exit involves fixed charges.

Manage and track your investment

Simple way to monitor and manage your investment.


“I’ve always been passionate about entrepreneurship and devoted my life to conceiving products or services that could transform people’s lives” Be part of our next Phocus1 investor conference and let’s connect

Jean-François Chauffeté


You need to sign the partnership agreement and the subscription form. You can find them by opening an account in the investor portal.

Your capital is invested daily in currency pairs, and depending on market fluctuations, we either hold or sell these positions to realize small gains or small losses. The ratio is 75% winning positions. Find more details here.

Yes, in the investor area where we invite you to open an account here, you can track the performance, the share value, your total assets in real-time, and find all the administrative elements of your investment: the ‘share certificate’ or investment certificate, the subscription form, and the partnership agreement, as well as your compliance documents.

You must declare your capital gains from the sale of units when you withdraw money, whether it’s from annual returns and/or part or all of your capital. Our Luxembourg-based accountant will guide you on how much to declare.

You can get your money back at any time, which makes Phocus1 a totally liquid investment, but beware that you have early withdrawal penalties when the term of the investment is less than 12 months. Every 12 months you can collect your returns and get your capital back without Penalty fees.

All money transfers are made in the name of the account holder and are overseen by the bank. The bank account from which the money was initially deposited will be the same one where the funds will be returned upon withdrawal. The bank requires documents related to a withdrawal request, and for deposits, the bank also asks for the corresponding subscription form.

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Important information:
The value of investments and income derived from the activities of PHOCUS1 SCS, registered in Luxembourg (RCS No. B234389), may fall as well as rise, and its shareholders, investors and clients have no guarantee of recovering the full amount invested. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. The tax regime depends on the circumstances of each shareholder, investor or client and their country of residence, and may be subject to change. We recommend that you seek professional advice prior to making any decision to invest or acquire a stake in any company. Systemic risks can jeopardise and bankrupt major financial institutions that have existed for decades.
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