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Who are we?

A team dedicated to your investment to support you and meet your expectations

Phocus 1 is a Luxembourg based AIF

Phocus 1 launched in 2017 and has been constantly adapting to fit into Luxembourg’s legal landscape, creating an ideal framework for cash and liquidity investments.
A kind of liquid and high-reward savings, facilitated by automated risk management strategies to ensure the best investment outcome.


Phocus 1 originated from a collaboration and has been continuously evolved to enhance its value proposition.

With its unique performance engine and its fiscally attractive legal framework it has become an alternative investment fund registered in Luxembourg.


This is the story of a meeting initiated by a shareholder of a previous real estate fund in Florida, in which I participated after the subprime crisis (2009).

‍The meeting began in New York in 2015, where two Frenchmen, one a Wall Street trader in a small brokerage firm and the other a Harvard graduate working in a major U.S. bank, presented their method for arbitrating and operating in the foreign exchange market to JF Chauffeté.

Jean-François Chauffeté -CEO Phocus1 and EOR Founder

"After venturing into investments beyond the Euro zone, it became evident to me that currency stood as the ultimate asset for value generation.

I founded Phocus1 when I realized that this was the best method to combine profitability, fund availability, and independence from states or markets."

MAI 2018

Very quickly, the idea of structuring a fund in which JF Chauffeté could invest his own money along with a few close associates became apparent. It would then take him 3 years of research and development to:

1. Familiarizing oneself with the processes, including the key performance indicators, that make it possible to invest in the foreign exchange market while managing and harmonizing risk and volatility.

2. Identifying the most suitable legal and tax structure for businesses or private individuals worldwide to invest their money with him (considering either London or Luxembourg).

3. Setting up an initial venture called Moneynci uniting a group of traders with a multi-level capital risk scheme and an auditing & accountant firm that did not meet our expectations and ambitions, ultimately leading us to abandon it.


In 2020 Phocus1 was created with the same features that you will discover on this website.

Explore our high-return, secure investments best investment in Luxembourg.

Manage and track your investment

Simple way to monitor and manage your investment.


Phocus 1: Your Goals, Our Goals

Phocus1 has another special feature: The fund was created so that its founder could invest part of his own money in it for diversification purposes
In essence, by becoming a part of Phocus1 you are not just an anonymous buyer of a financial product you’re co-investing with JF Chauffeté for the management of part of his own cash.
Who among financial advisors, bankers, or insurers can assure you that they have personally put a substantial amount of money into the investment they are suggesting?
The managers themselves are investors
Remuneration is only made based on the profits
Profit-sharing model on subscriptions.

The man behind

Phocus 1

“This photo of me in New York holds special meaning; it was taken during a trip where I was focused on discussing forex trading and enhancing Phocus1’s stellar performance engine

One of the Wall Street traders who educated me about the forex market snapped this picture.

As someone who has run several marathons in less than 3 hours and 30 minutes, and who loves New York City, I used to cover 15 to 50 kilometers on foot daily, mixing business meetings and tourism.”


We can get together in Paris at our offices in Saint Augustin in the 8th arrondissement, in Brussels where JF Chauffeté has resided for close to 10 years, or at Phocus1’s Luxembourg headquarters.

We are a team of 5 people, including 4 administrators.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve established 3 investment funds across diverse sectors and geographies. I’ve had the privilege of working with leading specialists, which is why I’ve also put my own money into these ventures.

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